Dr. Trapper’s Quarantine Project

Dr. Trapper's Quarantine Project in Durango CO

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What did you do during quarantine in Durango CO? Find a new hobby? Did you start baking sourdough bread? Well, we wanted to share with you what Dr. Trapper and Bethany did while Thrive was closed for the month of April during the COVID-19 quarantine. Besides learning how to make sourdough starter and now baking lots of bread, they converted a passenger van into a camper. They saved for years and years to build a cabin in the woods but could not decide on where it should be. They decided to build a cabin on wheels instead.

Some of you may know that Dr. Trapper grew up building homes with his father in Northern Wisconsin. That was one of the ways he worked his way through school. With some woodworking, electrical knowledge, and loads of help from Youtube, they gutted and built out a passenger van to become a camper to enjoy even more of beautiful Colorado.

Bethany loves the van and now feels very safe while camping. On their first trip with their van, they had a run-in with a juvenile mountain lion camping behind @skipurg at Durango Mountain Resort. No worries, they were safe and sound inside the van that they named Vanasaurus Rex, or Rexy for short.

This is their #VanReveal to give the detailed tour. In the end, you can see some pictures of what they started with. They will add more pictures and details on their adventure blog in the future at www.2UpLove.com.

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