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Chiropractor Durango CO Trapper Niccum


Trapper Niccum D.C.

Dr. Trapper Niccum has been a dedicated student of life since he was called to Chiropractic at the age of 16. Since then he has been studying the natural laws of health and healing.

"My goal is to find the source of your pain and work with you to get you back to doing the things you LOVE".

Dr. Trapper and his family relocated to Durango in 2001 from Northern Wisconsin after his graduation with his doctorate from Northwestern College of Chiropractic. In the last 23 years, along with serving the Durango community and surrounding areas with the highest level of Chiropractic, he has also traveled abroad on Chiropractic Mission trips and taught the art of adjusting to other doctors. He has humbly won many awards, including the American Institute of Chiropractors, Top 10 Chiropractors in the State of Colorado, the Reader's Choice Awards Top 3 as well as Family Chiropractor of the Year by Macaroni Kid.

Dr. Trapper is living a purpose-driven life as a husband, father of two amazing boys, and Chiropractor. He also loves working on his farm, playing hockey, mountain biking, and enjoys spending time with his family. He plays full-out at everything he does!

Chiropractic Durango CO Bethany Niccum

Director of Thriving

Bethany Niccum

Bethany's favorite topic is Chiropractic and she loves to share it with everyone she meets. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse with her degree in Sociology in 1997. Helping others transition their lives into their dreams has been her purpose and passion ever since she can remember.

Bethany is Dr. Trapper's wife and the Director of Thriving, a position that gives her the opportunity to help the community flourish in a joyous way. Through coaching, educating, and sharing information on personal growth and Chiropractic, she inspires people to follow their bliss and truly experience life as it was meant to be lived.  Bethany discovered Chiropractic when she was 23 after suffering debilitating migraines, lack of energy, and back pain. After getting adjusted she realized life could be soooooo much better. Along with her work at Thrive, for the last 9 years she also runs the Durango Women's Business Idea Exchange, has been on the leadership board of the Durango Growth Organization for the last 8 years as well as teach for a variety of groups including the Small Business Development Center, the Durango Chamber of Commerce and the Women's Resource Center. Most recently Bethany is excited to be chosen as the Executive Curator for TEDxDurango which will happen in Durango in early November 2019.

When Bethany is not busy helping people Thrive, she loves to spend quality time with her husband and two boys, as well as writing, adventure motorcycling, hiking, and laughing every chance she gets.

Chiropractic Durango CO Shannon Meyers Meet The Team

Care Coordinator

Shannon Meyers

Shannon's smiling face will be the first to greet you at Thrive. She is a Durango local who loves healthy living, paddle boarding, hiking, reading a good book, and spending time with her husband and son. Shannon loves Chiropractic and how it has changed her life and the lives of her family. Coupled with nutrition, exercise and always finding a new adventure to experience our wonderful world, Shannon is a super important part of our team!

Our Vision

Every man, woman, and child on the planet is checked for vertebral subluxations and adjusted when necessary, from birth.

Our Mission

To support as many people as possible in their progression towards greater life expression and to empower them to reconnect to the magnificent wisdom that is within each and every one. We aspire to serve human beings with love, authenticity, honesty, and respect. It is our intention that the Chiropractic adjustment and one's own exploration of life's principles act as a catalyst to truly THRIVE!

Our Purpose

To Give, To Love, To Serve & To Inspire


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