Chiropractic Testimonials

“After maintaining chiropractic care for years now, I still appreciate how much better I recover from strenuous activity or work. It makes it easier to be productive on the weekends after a big work week!”
- Matt

“I have just finished my 24th chiropractic adjustment at Thrive with Dr. Trapper. When I first began, my left arm was numb and tingly almost all of the time. After 12 visits, the numbness reduced substantially. Now, after 24 adjustments, I almost never have numbness in my left or right arm. So much better! Thank you Dr. Trapper.”
- Janet

“I used to have a lot of discomfort in my neck, whole back and hips. I would regularly get headaches and was in pain almost all of the time! Now I hardly ever get headaches, am mostly pain-free and haven’t gotten sick in about a year! Thank you all at Thrive!”
- Stephanie

“Since I have started at Thrive, I have noticed huge improvements with my immune system. Before starting at Thrive, I had migraines all of the time, as well as moodiness. Thanks to Dr. Trapper and staff, I have had less migraines and am not nearly as moody as I was before. Thanks Dr. T and staff!”
- Trish

“Since beginning treatment at Thrive, I’ve seen a great improvement in my sleep and overall feeling in my back, neck and body. This past month has been a month of settling down, returning to return and developing a “normal” after six months of upheaval, change, excitement and adventure. I’m so glad I chose to make myself and my health a priority and am a client at Thrive. Thank you!”
- Beth

“After coming in for some time now, I was set up to go away for a few weeks. During that time, I experienced minimal discomfort. After returning home and my first adjustment back, I felt great. Before, a trip that long would have been terrible on my body, so that’s a great change.”
- Rachael

“I have noticed many changes since starting care. Some of the most striking is my ability to recover from intense physical activity and emotional stress. Also, my digestive issues are dramatically improved. Thank you Thrive for providing extraordinary care, physically, emotionally and spiritually.”
- Jennifer

“My husband and I live here six months out of the year, while RVing the other six months. I really notice a big difference in my overall health while receiving regular adjustments. Much less back and hip pain, my digestion is much better and I get fewer headaches. Dr. Trapper is the best!”
- Marilynn

“Dr. Trapper and his team are great. I always look forward to my adjustments. I love the care I receive and like knowing that I’m in the very knowledgeable hands of Dr. Trapper. Thanks for helping me feel better!”
- Savanna

“Since starting chiropractic care four years ago at Thrive, I have noticed substantial improvements in my health. No more chronic knee pain, lower back pain, upper back pain (caused by scoliosis) and no more frequent headaches or severe allergies. I sleep better, perform better, feel better and am happier. Thrive truly made me into a new, better me. Thank you, Dr. Trapper!”
- Dorothy

“When I first started seeing Dr. Trapper three and a half years ago, I was troubled with nearly immobilizing back pain. I was taking two-three ibuprofen three-four times a day and was still in pain. I had difficulty standing in one place for even short periods of time. I couldn’t sleep or even sit comfortably. Now, thanks to Dr. Trapper and the wonderful staff at Thrive, I am more mobile than I have been in years. And I have not had to rely on pain relievers for my back in three years. Thank you Dr. Trapper and the wonderful staff at Thrive.”
- Karrie

“I feel so much better than when I came to Thrive initially. The adjustments have given me restful nights, energy, less stress and overall better well-being. My outlook on life is more positive. Thank you, Dr. T and staff.”
- Pearl

“Since seeing Dr. Trapper, my body is smooth and easy-going. I have noticed an energy increase, which is phenomenal! When I sleep, I feel like I sleep deeper than before. No back-aches or pain at all- very free feeling! I can concur that these adjustments have helped my overall health.”
- Steven

“The decrease in headache frequency and severity has definitely been a huge positive for me! It is also a comfort to know I have chiropractic options for treating various issues that arise, which lowers my overall stress and increases daily well-being. Thank you!”
- Katherine

“I’ve been coming to Thrive for many years now, and I’m continually amazed at how good I feel! I’m setting personal records in the weight room, I hardly ever get sick and I have lots of energy. Thank you, Thrive!”
- Diane

"Great job, thanks Thrive for doing a fantastic job I feel great!!!!!!!! Thanks again and again!!!!!!!!!!!!"
- William H.

"My curve in my scoliosis has decreased in a 1 year period. My frequent headaches have been gone since day 1 of my Chiropractic Care. Also, my constant knee pain in both knees subsided within weeks of care starting. Chiro Rocks!"
- Dorothy

"When I was 5 years old, I was exposed to a chemical solvent through groundwater contamination. As a result, I have had numerous health challenges...the main one being macular degeneration. Because of my limited vision, I suffer from headaches. Over the past 2 months, though my headaches have been non-existent! I am sleeping better too and I just feel like a "surge of life" has entered into my body. I feel more mentally focused but relaxed at the same time! I have seen multiple chiropractors in the past but NONE can even compare to Dr. Trapper!"
- J. Leigh

"I started coming to Thrive about 6 months ago. I was slightly unsure of how effective treatment would be because I knew that I had a couple of areas that could use help it wasn't like I was hunched over or anything! Little did I know how far from the truth I actually was. It was as though my body suddenly had a re-born desire to become as healthy as possible, to feel good…to Thrive!! Since I started coming to Thrive, I have quit smoking, started exercising, and have also resumed the journey of emotional health by seeing a therapist. I truly believe all of this commenced due to my message to myself that I want to be healthy, and that I want to care for my body and my emotional health. My sleep is more solid than it has ever been, my body has more energy and ability to participate in strenuous activities. Yea! Here's to not merely breathing and living…here's to Thriving!!"
- Emily

"Being an ex-athlete my body was starting to show some of the abuse I had put it through-mornings seemed to be the worst. Coffee and Ibuprofen were my daily regimen. Lower back pain and lack of flexibility had become normal for me. I thought it was something I would have to deal with for the rest of my life. I came to Thrive for an evaluation. Trapper told me there was some damage, but with treatment, it could be repaired. After four months I can tell a tremendous difference! No lower back pain, increased flexibility, and fewer aches. Trapper and his staff are truly sincere in helping me achieve greater wellness. I look forward to achieving our goals! Thanks Thrive!"
- Eric

"I came to Trapper with my sciatic on my right side where I was in constant pain and within two to three weeks my pain was gone. This has helped in my overall health where I feel much better on a daily basis. When I was under stress before coming to Thrive Chiropractic, I felt drained and without energy. I now feel much better even through the stressful situations."
- Dee

"I knew nothing about Chiropractic when I first started seeing Dr. Trapper. All I knew was that I was having frequent headaches. Chiropractic is so much more than I thought. My life has changed 180 degrees in seven months. I have dreamt of owning my own business for years and now feel confident in living my dream and exploring y passion, which is being an artist and creating. I no longer have headaches and feel so at home at Thrive. I love coming in for care. I am so grateful to have stumbled upon Thrive Chiropractic-you have changed my life!"
- Katie

"I was skeptical at first of whether or not Chiropractic work would help me because of my head injury from a car accident 11 years ago. Much to my amazement and delight-my daily headaches have virtually disappeared and my limp has been greatly reduced! I never thought either of these problems would get any better because things had been like this for so long! I am so very excited! I had been to years of physical therapy with no lasting results-this is the first time! Thank you, Trapper!"
- Sharon

"Thrive has changed my life dramatically. I started coming because of chronic lower back pain and dull crampiness all the time. Migraines have also plagued me my entire life-especially around my periods. Within about three weeks of seeing Trapper, I noticed that my cramps and lower back pain were gone! I felt a sense of relief for the first time in about a year. My headaches are virtually gone.  The big news is that I had been trying to get pregnant for about 8 months before seeing Trapper. After one month of consistent treatment-I became pregnant! I'm about 2 months pregnant now and have not had a single migraine. That's astonishing considering my migraines were always linked with hormones. Thrive has been a lifesaver! I highly recommend Thrive to anyone who wants to be healthy. Thank you!"
- Laine

"I've been coming in for adjustments for a couple of years now and it still amazes me how great it makes me feel. Not only am I not experiencing physical pain like I used to; I feel incredibly focused, relaxed, and balanced in my life. Thanks, Thrive!"
- Heather

"Chiropractic treatment has been a success for me. I have received treatment only a few months but I already see substantial progress toward reversing my degenerative condition. I have substantially less numbness in my foot (caused by nerve blockage/herniated disc), which continues to improve. Also, an unexpected benefit is that I feel more alert and clear-headed. I definitely recommend Chiropractic treatment to anyone with disc problems and to anyone with poor health."
- Cheryl

"When I complete my first two visits I immediately felt relief from pain I had been suffering for years. Now that I have been undergoing treatment for over a month my back does not hurt as bad and I can actually work longer without having to take a break."
- Mike

"When I first came in I was surprised at my lack of range of motion-not being able to turn my head, put my ear to my shoulder (no way!), touch my toes, etc. I'm 33, so this was quite ridiculous. After just a few visits with Trapper, I could totally tell the difference. I can move freely-pain free-without even trying. Chiropractic care has definitely benefited me!"
- Cindy

"Since I have been seeing Trapper at Thrive Chiropractic my body knows when it's time to visit Thrive. I have improved function in my neck from my regular visits and see the improvement from my year of regular visits. My pelvis is more stable with my consistent adjustments. The environment at Thrive is so wonderful, I feel welcome to hang out and that I have a place to put my things, and all of the staff is so friendly. I love to support businesses that have such great ENERGY!! I feel that this energy really supports my growth and overall health! I look forward to my visit! Thanks for all the great energy!"
- Candee

"My neck used to be very sore. When I walked to work I would experience a burning sensation on the right side of my neck. Now I don't feel that anymore. A few days ago my neck was tender to touch but today my neck is not tender anymore. My body is feeling so much better. My aches and pains are gone."
- Anita

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